THE "9-5" LIFE!


“Working with Ashton, I've escaped the 9-5 and business is booming!"


Think about what you really want in life. Grasp it with unshakable passion & focused desire.



Hi, I’m Ashton Jude 👋 I’m an internet entrepreneur, passive income investor, eCommerce expert, and world traveler, who is blessed to have achieved financial independence and live completely on my terms!

Today, my obsession and passion is to help others fulfil their dreams, break free from the 9-5, and achieve their own financial independence. If this is something you want to achieve, please give me the opportunity to teach you!

I have founded, own and manage several online businesses that have achieved over $10M sales. And have achieved financial independence through passive income from a multi-million investment portfolio.

But my life wasn’t always like this. I grew up in a middle-class family, with both parents working to their capacity to make ends meet and take care of their 5 kids (yes, I have 4 siblings).

After graduating from high school, and university, I worked in a “9-5” corporate job for 3 years. This was when I knew for certain, I cannot live the rest of my life like this… 

Life is only once, and it slips by so smoothly that you can get away with coasting through a whole career & still look pretty good.



From a young age, I was attracted to the “buying & selling” of business. It started off for me in high school, buying games, toys, and trading cards from suppliers in China, and reselling them to kids at school. It was exciting, but quickly became “small game”.

How it started

I discovered eBay at the age of 15, and overnight it expanded my audience from my high school to the entirety of Australia’s eBay users. Over the next few years I became a “Power Seller” on eBay, doing both a buy-sell model and a dropshipping model. 

I built an entire portfolio of eBay stores across several niches & categories. In total they produced a combined $3M+ sales over 3 years.

Dropshipping – eBay

In the beginning, I would purchase products from suppliers overseas and store the inventory at home, shipping orders everyday after school. But very quickly, I couldn’t keep up with the sales, and would eventually instruct my suppliers overseas to ship the products directly to my Australian customers.

This gave me a taste of the dropshipping model, and once I realised the unlimited potential, I opened more eBay stores and rapidly grew my product lines. I was dropshipping without even knowing what it was called, and today this supply model is very common and popular!

Retail arbitrage – eBay

Although I sold my “Power Seller” eBay stores many years ago, I am still involved with eBay selling today, however using a different model. In recent years, I discovered the “retail arbitrage” model, which is just like dropshipping, but on steroids. It involves using local retailers as suppliers – which means faster shipping times, better quality products, and larger supply potential!

How it started

From 2011 to 2014, while studying at university (which involved studying abroad in a USA college), I wanted to build businesses that could reach customers worldwide, beyond eBay and beyond Australia. I learned how to create websites, and developed branded niche websites. Using advanced SEO strategies, I’d bring in organic traffic by ranking for popular search terms in Google.

Google Adsense

To monetize all of the traffic I was getting, I launched Google Adsense ads across the websites. This was a great source of passive income for me, especially while studying at university and travelling abroad. I was making $5K+ per month which was completely passive income. I was approached by “digital investors” and decided to “flip” many of these websites, selling them for up to $100K+ per website. I held onto only the most valuable websites, so I could focus fully on them.

Affiliate marketing

In order to take my income to the next level, I quickly moved from displaying Google Adsense ads to promoting products through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, although harder to get conversions, paid a lot more than Google Adsense. I would promote products that would help my website visitors and solve their problems. These products were sold directly from the supplier – Amazon and Clickbank digital creators – and I would get paid a percentage of the sale as an affiliate marketer. My websites immediately doubled in sales and I was making $10K+ per month which was completely passive income.

How it started

Building on my Amazon affiliate marketing, I started exploring wider ranges of product categories on Amazon. One of these included books. And at the same time, an entrepreneurial friend recommended self publishing books to generate leads and further grow income streams from my niche websites.

Book publishing – Kindle, paperback & audiobook

In 2015, while working in a corporate “9-5” job, I founded a publishing company, VentureInk™. I worked directly with writers to help them publish their work, including purchasing books from ghost writers to market and sell within my portfolio of niche websites. VentureInk™ is the first multi-million dollar business that I founded. I built a team of over 15 staff worldwide, publishing 500+ books, selling over 1M+ copies and generating $5M+ in book sales.

How it started

In order to build truly large businesses that would last a lifetime, I knew I had to create brands and sell products / services without the use of marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, and not rely on ad revenue controlled by Google. Another plus, is this would involve building companies that created jobs for people in my community, supporting their families, contributing to society, and adding value to people’s lives on a larger scale.

eCommerce – Retail Brands

In late 2017, I co-founded and launched Bath Box® – which is today a multi-million dollar company, and household brand in Australia featured in numerous top-tier news segments, articles, and press. With over $10M+ in sales to date, we are continuing to grow and expand each year.

Along with this business, I have founded and own several smaller brands that are doing over six figures in sales, both within Australia and worldwide, with plans to continue growing and expanding.

Dropshipping – Shopify

Currently I own and operate several successful Shopify dropshipping businesses. I primarily use this as a way to test new products and business ideas, successfully growing stores to over $10K per month. At this stage, if I believe there is further potential, I am able to scale the business into a dedicated brand and have dedicated branding and design of the products I sell.

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.


Once you begin making money and your income is growing, it’s time to focus on wealth preservation and growth. This is where investing comes into play, and it’s most important because it will allow you to truly focus on what you love and desire to do in life. For me, family is one of the most important things in my life, and success in business and investing allows me to spend as much time with my family as I can.

I focus on a passive income approach to investing. This is low-risk and preserves my wealth by growing it slowly, while using my portfolio to generate income that I can live off, or spend on luxuries I desire without impacting my wealth. This allows me to continue doing work I enjoy, and designing my lifestyle based on how I want to live, and never being forced to do anything I dislike. 

Remember, the goal is never retirement. The modern idea of retirement being a glorified, inactive lifestyle is useless, depressing and not something I desire, nor should you. I could “retire” today by conventional standards, but will never choose to stop being active and working actively on projects and businesses I enjoy.